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1st Corell Foundation Forum 'Metropolitan mobility under debate'.

The first Think Tank Mobility Debate forum, in November 2018, aimed to align the mobility sector of people and goods, technological changes, consumption and regulatory developments in Spain.

The forum consisted of an exhibition and three panel discussions: Technology, Regulation and Operators.

Keynote speaker: 

Samuel Furfari Professor Free University of Brussels - Former official of the European Commission

Title: Mobility and energy, two basic human needs

Table 1

Technology and trends

Digitalisation and productivity. Online contracting of services. Environmental transition of vehicles. Euro standards, Big Data. Data mining and productivity. Interactive communication between infrastructures and vehicles.

Table 2

Regulation and strategy

Energy Transition - Decarbonisation. Cost/benefit analysis. New technologies and service models - Fiscal impact. Balance between mass transport and individual transport. New regulation under study. Local, regional, national, European.

Table 3

Operators and consumers

Logistics disruption. From premium service to MaaS commodity. Integration of public and private transport. Cities vs. periphery. Concession system. New mobility operators.


Rosalía Gonzalo, Regional Minister of Transport, Housing and Infrastructures of the Community of Madrid.


Interview with Miguel Angel Ochoa on TVE Channel 24h

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